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Corporate Bids

Corporations are not normally mandated to solicit public bids for goods or services. Many however recognize the value in creating a healthy competition for new ideas, best in class service, and fair market pricing. This is typically achieved by issuing a Request For Proposal (RFP). Sample Engagements

Public Bids & RFPsOrganizations typically limit the number of bidders to simplify the selection process. Three to five bidders is ideal. An industry leader, the number two industry leader who is typically hungry and will keep the leader honest, and one or two up and comers to bring in creative ideas and alternative solutions to the mix.

Like their counterparts in the government, buyers typically rank pricing as number 3, behind quality of the product or service, and the bidders ability to deliver on time as required. Commodity based items are price sensitive.

Public & Private Corporations:

Banks, Manufacturers, Transportation, Corporations, etc. (learn more)

Non-Profits and Charities:

Some organizations is this group may report to government agencies but act independently when they purchase goods and services. (learn more)

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Examples - Corporate RFP

"Your proposal captures our immediate needs and stabilizes our supply chain in ways we had not considered before."

$15 million RFP - major Canadian Brewery


"By far the best proposal we've received. It is thorough, easy to understand, and clearly explains your solution."

$3 million RFP - Canadian Chartered Bank

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