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Government Bids

Although challenging to respond to, government bids are bountiful and if bid properly can be financially rewarding. Sample Engagements

Governments typically prioritize pricing as number 3, behind quality of the product or service, and the bidders ability to deliver on time as required. Commodity based items are price sensitive.Government Bids & RFPs

The four levels of government across Canada do not follow the same buying practices. While steps are underway to standardize or pool purchasing services we have only seen this taking place in the Health Care Sectors.

Government of Canada:

Pay special attention to opportunities for "Standing Offer" bids. (learn more)

Provincial Governments:

Pay special attention to opportunities for "Vendor of Record" or "Standing Offer" bids. (learn more)

Municipal and Civic Governments:

Bid rules and selection processes vary greatly from one agency to another. Make certain to work closely with the procurement team whenever possible. (learn more)

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Infrastructure Projects

All levels of government are committed to getting Canada's economy moving again through infrastructure spending.

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Links to Government Bid Sites

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